”Bold & Minimalistic” at the same time, we are Ironwood!

Ironwood Motorcycles is a Dutch custom bike workshop founded by Arjan van den Boom & Partner in 2012. 

Together we customize, conceptualize & build motorcycles to one-of-a-kind vintage machine, part by part. We are crazy about bikes, pretty much all of them, but our hearts will skip a beat when seeing properly manufactured cafe racers from around the globe. 

The actual journey of taking on the build, tear down the bikes to its bare bones and rebuild them from the ground up provides us with that all-time high.

Our L-O-V-E for custom motorcycles is no secret, so every project we handcraft, will have its own specific details and key features which tells its own story. 

Don’t Settle For Mediocrity!

What we do

Throughout the process of building, we envision our bikes as mean and fast rides with a few touches from the industrial era of the 20th century. We constantly have new ideas running around our heads and when it comes to finding the perfect tailored solution for each assignment, we will blend conventional concepts with innovative defiance. We aim to achieve to deliver a work of art with every vintage machine we build, turning scrap metal into gold! Each bike has its own unique design and character, depending on the budget. We carry out many projects, only make-to-order full rebuilds and modifying customer’s motorcycles into killer bikes!

We want to be different and get the most out of life. Our vision is to apply a mix of creativity: sometimes vintage, sometimes with modern twist or a mix of both! 

Paint The Town, Ride Ironwood!

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